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  Backgrounder : Mak's Luggage & Bag Limited

The Mak's Luggage & Bag Limited was established in 1972. It is a family owned and operated business in Hong Kong. Since its inception, Mak's is a brand synonymous with quality materials, durability, stylish design, legitimate value and innovation that respond to the changing needs of the consumer.

Manufacturing quality products, the best components and incorporating design is chosen. All Mak's luggage is manufactured at our privately owned and operated manufacturing facility ensuring quality and consistency in our products. And our components - hardware, zipper pullers, corner protectors, carry handles, retractable handle or wheel systems are designed exclusively for each product line. As the marketplace does not stand still, quality is a must for continual improvement.

In addition to Mak's full line of products, we also provide OEM/ODM services, ranging from design to finished product assembly, quality control and packaging. 

In brief Mak's overriding mission is to provide high quality product at the reasonable value in the luggage industry. Experienced consumers know that there is a balance between price quality and value.


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